API Microservices Summit


Microservices are the next evolution of the API Economy. Join 100+ API Microservice thought leaders and API providers at the API Microservices Summit.

Microservices are a rapidly expanding architecture for breaking down single “monolithic” APIs into many smaller API services. This can be seen as the next major leap of the API economy. Instead of products and companies publishing a single API, single technology stack, and single database which require overhauling for updates, security, or scalability – each microservice has its own technology stack – enabling dev teams to decouple services and adapt / deploy faster.

Last Year’s Agenda

Talk To Your Microservice Via a Chat Bot, not UI

Yegor Bugayenko, Teamed.io

Evolution of the PayPal Platform: Journey to APIs & Microservices

Deepak Nadig, PayPal, Inc.

Monolith to Microservices – Carving out a Monolith using APIs

Joyce Stack, Mendeley

Creating an agile environment with microservices, DevOps, and containers

Christian Posta, Red Hat

Microservice: Ensuring Optimal Outcomes

Ian Goldsmith, Akana

Deploying API Micro Services – Four Best Practices for Performance & Scale

Reza Naghibi, Varnish Software

Last Year’s Speakers

Yegor Bugayenko

Yegor Bugayenko



Deepak Nadig

Deepak Nadig

Head of API & Developer Platform Engineering


Joyce Stack

Joyce Stack

Developer Advocate


Christian Posta

Christian Posta

Red Hat

Principal Middleware Architect

Ian Goldsmith

Ian Goldsmith


Vice President, Product Management

Reza Naghibi

Reza Naghibi

Varnish Software

Senior Engineer