Conference and Tracks

JavaScript Conference

Javascript is taking over as both a back-end and front-end development framework for web and mobile applications. From Node, Angular, and Backbone to and Firebase, What are the front-end and back-end framework and library choices? This multi-day Javascript track includes both educational workshops and Javascript Tech lightning talks.

API/Microservices Conference

Microservices and Hypermedia are at the cutting edge of API Design and Strategy. Come learn about the techniques and technologies for advancing your API.

  • Introduction to Microservices & Decoupling
  • Technology Stack Choices for Microservices
  • Who uses Microservices? User Scenarios
  • Deployment, Testing, Scalability
  • Designing an API: SOAP, REST, ETC

Dev Management Conference

Learning how to manage developers and development processes has always historically been a matter of trial and error or word-of-mouth advice. This track aims to investigate the role of the development manager, how it relates to both product management as well as architecture decisions, and how the role of ‘Development Manager’ is changing.

CTO World Congress

How do developers become CTOs and how do CTOs make technology decisions? We ask leading Bay Area CTO’s to discuss their career paths and their industry insights. See full details of CTO World Congress here.

  • Making Technology Decisions
  • From Developer to CTO
  • Managing Innovation
  • Building a Technology Team
  • CTO Perspective on Emerging Technologies

Artificial Intelligence Dev Conference

DeveloperWeek 2018 will host a 2-day industry conference on Artificial Intelligence. This conference will be split between technical talks and thought leadership talks including the following topics:

  • Cognitive Computing
  • Audio / Video Recognition
  • Tools & Open Source Libraries
  • Risk & Threat Analysis
  • The Machine Learning / AI intersection

Robotics Dev Summit

With new low cost robotics and embedded systems, any developer can now code using common languages for robots, machines and devices. Learn how to code for the real world.