DeveloperWeek 2017 Justification Letter

Thank you for your interest in attending DeveloperWeek 2017. With over 100 talks, 30+ city-wide events, and new conference tracks covering new 2017 technologies, we can promise an experience that will help further your technical education, company goals, and career.

Below we’ve created an example Justification Letter that you can provide your company regarding attending DeveloperWeek 2017. You are free to use this template, and customize any elements. Areas in bold should be edited.

Subject: Request to attend DeveloperWeek 2017 Conference

The DeveloperWeek 2017 Conference & Events takes place Feb. 3-8 in San Francisco, and over four years has become the definitive educational and professional event for developers and technology managers. I would like to ask your approval to attend, with the goal of furthering my education in developer technologies and best practices.

The DeveloperWeek Conference includes 100+ talks and speakers from Google, Linkedin, HP, IBM, Splunk, VMware, Red Hat, and 200+ more on the following topics and tracks:

  • CTO World Congress: DeveloperWeek will host the largest convergence of CTOs and senior technology executives who will be giving keynotes and panel talks on the best practices in scaling a technology team and making technology decisions.
  • Javascript Conference: This 2-day track inside of DeveloperWeek includes both introductory classes on full-stack javascript frameworks such as Angular, React, and Meteor as well as lightning talks and scenarios for securing and scaling full-stack javascript.
  • API & Microservices Summit: Spend a half day doing a deep dive into the newest API + Microservices design and best practices, and learn why decoupling your services can help make your technology stack (and development process) more agile.
  • Python Summit: DeveloperWeek includes a half-day summit with technical and non-technical talks on the newest frameworks and tools available for Python.
  • GetDiversity Summit: This half-day track helps technical managers learn the best practices for recruiting from a more diverse talent pool as well as creating a culture that fosters diversity in the workplace.