As software eats the world, the amount of tools and services teams use to make, build, and verify software grows like crazy. We’re seeing a paradigm shift in how software is made. It’s now more collaborative, simple and fun. However, if there are so many tools being built, then why is software delivery still slow, stressful, and fragile?

That’s why we’ve built Dockbit – the continuous delivery platform that helps teams ship software faster, together and without fear. Our web-based Docker-powered application lets you connect dozens of services together and kick off deployments with a single Slack command or use our one-click deploy button.

With Dockbit, your team no longer needs to maintain custom scripts and fragmented integrations. Dockbit brings all the tools and services you use to deploy your apps in one place. By turning your software deployments into repeatable and manageable workflows, Dockbit allows your team to ship working software more frequently, makes your developers more productive and your users happier.

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Archie is an Artificially Intelligent data analyst. Archie plugs into a client’s untapped data and synthesizes insights to increase revenue.
Our growing data set of 50 million conversions helps train machine learning algorithms powering Archie. Our goal is to help businesses make better decisions based on rigorous and continuous analysis of their existing data, through the power of A.I. and not business analysts.
Based in San Francisco, California.


BrightWork is an API micro services platform that is making it easier for Developers and Teams to build applications faster using the skills they already have. They write a small amount of javascript and they can have a RESTful API up and running in less than a minute. This enables the Developer to focus on their frontend without having to worry about infrastructure in a serverless environment. The platform is scalable, reliable, and the pricing is predictable for the customer and recurring for BrightWork.


Bugsee enables developers to build and maintain better, bug-free apps. Its powerful, flight recorder for iOS and Android apps, captures and retains user behavior and other critical details that led to a bug or crash for swift resolution. Bugsee’s crash and bug reporting capabilities eliminate the difficult and time-consuming task of reproducing intermittent bugs. With Bugsee, developers can spend more time improving functionality and user experience and less time logging, explaining and fixing problems. Based in San Jose, Calif., Bugsee is led by a team of seasoned bug squashers and backed by K9 Ventures.


Lead Generating Chatbot Platform

Generate high quality leads from your web and social media pages using power of chatbots.