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Cloud Strategy

Cloud technology promises to be more resilient and adaptive while using compute resources more efficiently. Turning these promises into reality requires teams to adopt the right infrastructure and processes and quickly learn new skills as the industry changes. Join us as we explore topics in Cloud security, microservices management, container orchestration and Kubernetes management, distributed deployment and management strategies, and more.

Cloud Strategy Summit Tracks

Cloud Strategy

Cloud Innovation (AI, Edge, etc)

Cloud native computing not only makes it easier for organizations to deploy their code across heterogenous systems, it opens opportunities for new ideas, processes, and methodologies to exist that promise to completely change how industries do business. In this track, we’ll explore how cloud native computing enables AI, edge computing, hyperscale data analysis, and similar technologies and how organizations may leverage them to better serfver their customers and grow their revenues now and into the future.

Cloud Strategy

Cloud Talent & Skills

Cloud-native technology requires different approaches to application development, hosting, and maintenance than many technical teams developed in the past. Hiring for these skills is a challenge in a competitive environment, but many of these skills can also be developed in-house by existing team members. In this track, we’ll explore the unique skills and capabilities your organization must develop to leverage the full potential of cloud native development while discussing best practices for finding, onboarding, and developing the talent you’ll need to bring your strategies to fruition.

Cloud Strategy

Digital Acceleration

Digital technology continues to rapidly transform just about every industry. Advances in AI/ML, distributed application development, data access and insights, and more help organizations more quickly adapt to changing market conditions – but only when they have developed processes to rapidly evaluate and implement new technology as its developed. In this track, we’ll hear from members of these organizations about the value of their digital programs, best practices they have adopted to accelerate their organization’s digital transformation, and the organizational skills required to advocate for and manage these changesd to the benefit of all stakeholders.

Cloud Strategy

Future of Cloud-Native Computing

Cloud-native computing rapidly established itself as a best practice for deploying networked applications intended to serve large audiences across the globe. Far from being a static set of processes, the technology and ideas underpinning cloud-native application continues to iterate and improve, introducing new paradigms for development and new opportunities for organizations to profit. In this track, we’ll hear from those on the cutting edge of cloud native computing to learn what’s coming next and begin to adapt organizational strategies to be prepared.

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