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Conferences & Tracks

Cloud-Native Development Summit

Developing and consuming applications that are natively designed to operate in the cloud requires special skills and a unique approach to application design. Join us as we explore these topics, including microservices and serverless development best practices, computing at the edge, integrating AI and ML technologies in cloud development, and more.

DevOps Summit

As more responsibilities shift left toward the development team, the value of adopting good DevOps practices increases dramatically. In this track, we’ll discuss the latest in automated testing, reporting, and deployment while exploring and defining best practices for implementing security (DevSecOps), infrastructure as code, and organizational change management to reap the full benefits of engineering automation.

Cloud Architecture & Infrastructure Summit

Cloud technology promises to be more resilient and adaptive while using compute resources more efficiently. Turning these promises into reality requires teams to adopt the right infrastructure and processes and quickly learn new skills as the industry changes. Join us as we explore topics in Cloud security, microservices management, container orchestration and Kubernetes management, distributed deployment and management strategies, and more.

Cloud Strategy Summit

The future of cloud-native computing to prepare for what’s next. Shifting digital functionality to the cloud is not the sole domain of the technical teams. Fully leveraging the business opportunities that come from Cloud adoption requires a shift in strategy, often across the entire organization. In this track, we’ll hear from those who have successfully digitally transformed their businesses while exploring other successful approaches to digital strategy, learn the latest in cloud innovation and their potential impact on your industry, and gaze.