2020 DevTech Industry Guide

What’s the best way to make your developer technology successful? We are compiling the best ways to build, sell, market, and scale developer technologies & tools.

The 2020 Devtech Industry Guide invites the top developer technology companies to share their success stories, all leading up to the annual Devtech Industry Summit on February 13, 2020, @ DeveloperWeek 2020. Our goal is to be the most comprehensive guide for growing a developer technology product or service.

All contributors to the Devtech Industry Guide will be invited to converge & meet at the Devtech Industry Summit on February 13, 2020, @ DeveloperWeek 2020.

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DeveloperWeek has hosted conferences, talks, and media for the developer technology industry for the last 9 years. Here are some example Devtech Talks at previous DeveloperWeek conferences:

PRO TALK: Building SDKs for Infrastructure Engineers

Rebecca Fitzhugh
Principal Technologist @ Rubrik

PRO TALK: Building SDKs for Infrastructure Engineers

Drew Russell
DevOps Sales Engineer @ Rubrik

PRO TALK: When is Open Source Too Open?

Sarah King
Director of Community @ Pilosa

PRO TALK: Improve Your Odds: Building Products from Startup to Scale

Chiara McPhee
Director of Product @ SendGrid

FEATURED SPEAKER: Improving Developer Onboarding Through Intelligent Data Insights

Jonathan LeBlanc
Director of Developer Advocacy @ Box

PRO TALK: From Zero to Hero in 7 Years (And Counting) Tales of Devrel Practitioner

Baruch Sadogursky
Head of Developer Relations @ JFrog

PRO TALK: Imitation Is the Sincerest Form of Flattery: Distinguishing a Technical Product in a Crowded Market

Kasey Byrne
VP/Marketing @ Postman, Inc.

PRO TALK: A Community Driven Approach for Devtech Marketing

Rajoshi Ghosh
Co-Founder @ Hasura


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The interview will be published as an HTML webpage available to our entire DeveloperWeek audience of 50,000+.

When will the interview be published?

The interview will be published on or before January 15, 2020.

How long will we have to make edits to the questions on the survey?

You will receive a google doc with your questions and answers. You can update your answers before January 13, 2020.