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Conference Tracks

AI & ML Project Lifecycle

What is the lifecycle of an artificial intelligence / machine learning project? Learn about the team roles, the technology decisions, and the data sets / training data that your company should utilize, based on project type.

Choosing Architecture: Microservices, Containers, Kubernetes

What type of architecture is right for your company? We have seen new innovations in microservices, containers, and kubernetes architecture in the tech industry. What are the goals and team roles for your next architecture?

Dev Executive & Engineering Management

The Dev Executive track invites senior technical managers and executives to discuss dev organizations, dev technologies, and product goals from a strategic perspective. How do CTOs and heads of engineering make critical decisions? Hear from top worldwide tech execs.

Dev Innovation

What new dev technologies do dev managers and team leads need to know about? This track covers trends and innovations that support dev teams in accelerating application development.

Dev Teams: Agile & Remote Methodology

What is the best methodology for managing your dev teams? This track covers new practices in the age of remote dev team management, as well as the full agile methodology lifecycle.

DevOps, Scale, Security

The deployment, scaling up, and security of an application requires the entire dev team to think about long-term objectives and challenges. This track covers best practices in the DevOps and security lifecycle of your application.