2019 Partner Events

Serverless Developer Experience: Panel Discussion

Wednesday, November 6 | 6:30pm, 8:15pm

Join us for a serverless panel discussion and a happy hour at Cloudflare’s Austin office.

While a lot of people talk about how serverless works, not everyone talks about the developer experience for serverless. How is serverless for the average developer today? What benefits does it add – and what problems does it add? Join Kas, Victoria, and Connor on this serverless panel as they answer all those questions and more.

Panelist bios:

Victoria Bernard is a full-stack, product-minded engineer focused on Cloudflare Workers Developer Experience. An engineer who started a career working at large firms in hardware sales and moved throughout Cloudflare from support to product and to development. Passionate about building products that make developer lives easier and more productive.

Connor Peshek works in Developer Relations at Cloudflare. He is an engineer who helps with developer experience – and also helps run the Serverlist Newsletter at Cloudflare… He lives in an off-grid box truck and likes playing music, building, and gaming.

Kassian Wren (they/their/them) is a Developer Advocate at Cloudflare by day, and a Twitch Code/Hardware streamer, IoT author, and gamer by night. They love talking about serverless architecture, Web Assembly, IoT and its implications, and a myriad of other topics. They’ll also totally show you a million pics of their 2 cats if you let them.

6:30pm – Doors open, happy hour mixer over food and drinks
7:00pm – Panel discussion
7:45pm – Networking over food and drinks
8:15pm – Event conclusion

Location: 106 E 6th St 4th Floor, Austin, TX 78701, United States