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For almost 14 years, AWS has been the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform. AWS offers over 175 fully featured services for compute, storage, databases, networking, analytics, robotics, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), security, hybrid, virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR), media, and application development, deployment, and management from 77 Availability Zones (AZs) within 24 geographic regions. Millions of customers—including the fastest-growing startups, largest enterprises, and leading government agencies—trust AWS to power their infrastructure, become more agile, and lower costs.

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Square offers a suite of 20+ APIs, hardware and software solutions to help businesses of all sizes accept payments and manage their daily operations seamlessly, both online and in-person.

Unskript reduces your SRE toil by automating your playbooks and runbooks.
unSkript’s easy to use interface is built on top of Jupyter notebooks, and includes hundreds of open source examples ready to integrate into your tooling – allowing you to get started quickly. unSkript users have found that automating their observability, and remediation steps improve SRE and DevOps efficiency, and reduce burnout!

Hackathon Sponsors

Airbyte is the new open-source data integration platform that syncs data from APIs, databases & files to data warehouses, lakes and other destinations. In addition to covering the long tail of connectors with the involvement of its community, Airbyte differentiates itself with its transparent and predictable volume-based pricing. Airbyte addresses all connector needs through its open-source extensibility. Its ambition is to make data integrations a commodity.

Community Partners

Apiumhub is a software development hub with years of experience applying best practices that help technical teams deliver robust, scalable, and better performing working software on time. Services offered include: web and mobile development, software architecture, DevOps, QA software and test automation.

Qubit Labs is an IT outstaffing company with more than ten years of experience providing its clients with top tech talents. They offer services to satisfy their client’s needs by building a remote dedicated team from fast-growing IT destinations like Ukraine, Poland, Moldova, Georgia, Romania, Kazakhstan, and Azerbaijan.

They provide high-quality expertise and a personal approach to every project. Hiring any tech and non-tech specialists with specific skills and experience is not a challenge for Qubit Labs. They are helping businesses from different industries. You can set up a dedicated development team, and R&D center, make IT staff augmentation, and many more with them. They also provide a talent mapping service if you are still looking for deep market research before hiring your remote team.

The Developer Nation Community is committed to creating a space where all software creators can set the right foundations for their careers, learn how they stack up against emerging software development trends, get tips and discover opportunities for professional growth, and plan wisely their next moves.
Developer Nation is behind the State of the Developer Nation research program, an independent network of surveys run by SlashData, the leading analyst of the developer economy. Our global surveys reach over 30,000 developers each year across 165+ countries.

DevITjobs is the first job board built with Software Engineers in mind.
The main goal of the company is to bring more transparency, openness and diversity to the US IT market.
DevITjobs is not only for Developers but for everyone working in the IT industry: Engineers, SAP and System Admins, Product Managers, QAs and UX/UI Designers! is a tech-focused recruitment platform that helps innovative tech companies scale their engineering team. With 95% successful placements, Index is one of the world’s leading outsourcing partners for hiring and managing high-performing CEE- and LATAM-based developers. Index vision is to end the brain drain in emerging markets by connecting the world’s top teams with the brightest engineering minds for long-term development projects. Hundreds of innovative companies like Perforce, Venly, Glopal, or Entrupy trust Index to get access to the top 3% of expertly vetted tech talent and save up to 40% on product development.

ApiX-Drive is an online connector, a system that will help you link different services via API and set up data transfer between them. It is a kind of digital glue that brings different products together. The platform allows users to create integrations between different types of services. Among them are CRM, mailing and SMS services, quiz makers, social networks, CMS systems, marketplaces, project managers, payment systems, instant messengers, chatbots, and other products.

To use the connector, there is no need for technical knowledge and skills, you do not have to write any code. In order to integrate two services, it is enough to link their accounts on the ApiX-Drive website and select the parameters for automatic data transfer. Integration setup is carried out in a simple interface with a lot of prompts – on average, this process takes up to 5 minutes.

To better understand how the service works, new users are provided with free trial access for 14 days.

IoT Council is an IoT accelerator and presents in depth articles.

Founded in 2004 in Birmingham, UK, Packt’s mission is to help the world put software to work in new ways, through the delivery of effective learning and information services to IT professionals.

Working towards that vision, we have published over 7,500 books and videos so far, providing IT professionals with the actionable knowledge they need to get the job done – whether that’s specific learning on an emerging technology or optimizing key skills in more established tools.

As part of our mission, we have also awarded over $1,000,000 through our Open Source Project Royalty scheme, helping numerous projects become household names along the way.

Cloud7 is a niche news portal for Cloud Computing, Datacenter, Cyber Security, Web Hosting, Artificial Intelligence, and Linux industries. It publishes the latest news to help tech users of high-experience levels in the IT industry. Our readers consist of C-suite levels, executives, mid-level, and technical persons and the majority are from the USA, United Kingdom, India, Germany, France, Canada, and Brazil.

The engineer’s resource guide to new products, technology & design

We report every day on the innovations and products driving the electronics industry forward, supporting everyone from design engineers in their research, managers buying components as well as manufacturers and distributors sharing their innovations. Our channels bring together thought leaders and creates a network for conversations about changes to electronics universally – across industries and around the world. Leveraging a diverse digital portfolio, Electronic Specifier strives to serve as the ultimate industry resource for electronics engineers in whichever format they digest information i.e. blogs, reports, podcasts, guides, videos etc.

FOSSlife is dedicated to the world of free and open source software, focusing on careers, skills, and resources to help you build your future with FOSS. We provide timely information, useful insight, and practical resources for those who want to build or advance their career with open source.

GeeksForLess is a custom software development house with experience in Finance, SAP, Construction, Healthcare, IT Security, PCI DSS, Game Development, Telecom, and other fields. We are a team of 800+ passionate digital technology experts who are making global changes daily for over 20 years.

Let’s work together to build something great!

The Java Card Form is a collaboration of companies from the smart card, secure operating system, and secure silicon industry, working together to promote and develop Java as the preferred programming language for multi-application smart cards and secure devices.

Kube Careers it the job board for Kubernetes focused jobs. Here is what you can expect:
• Clear salary ranges. So you know when it’s worth applying.
• Only Kubernetes jobs. Have you ever found those pesky job ads that mention Kubernetes, but you end up working on 100% legacy codebase. Well, we don’t list those.
• Honest job ads. For every job we ask ourselves, “is this something I’d be happy to apply to?”. If it passes the test, you list it.

• When is the next Kube-related conference? (apart from KubeCon, of course)
• Did you know that there was a meetup last week that covered Kubernetes node scaling with Karpenter?
• When is the next in-person conference?

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a website where you could see all upcoming Kubernetes events?

Enter Kube Events.

Kube Events has a simple goal: surfacing the best upcoming Kubernetes events around you and online.

The team at Learnk8s curates every entry and lists only meetups, webinars, training and conferences that are related to Kubernetes.

The Kubernetes Podcast from Google is a news and interview show with insight from the Kubernetes community.

We have spoken with a great line-up of guests from Google and the greater Cloud Native community and look forward to continuing to bring you ecosystem insight and insider access to contributors.

Linux Magazine is your guide to the world of Linux and open source. Each monthly issue includes advanced technical information you won’t find anywhere else including tutorials, in-depth articles on trending topics, troubleshooting and optimization tips, and more!

Open Source JobHub aims to help everyone find a place in the open source ecosystem by connecting job seekers with employers looking for top talent. Let us help you turn down the noise and find the perfect job fit.

SwissDevJobs is the first Swiss IT job board built with Software Engineers in mind.
The main goal of the company is to bring more transparency, openness and diversity to the Swiss IT market.
SwissDevJobs is not only for Developers but for everyone working in the IT industry: Engineers, SAP and System Admins, Product Managers, QAs and UX/UI Designers!