Sept. 29-30, 2020
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PagerDuty is a leader in digital operations management. PagerDuty empowers organizations of all sizes with real-time and data-driven insights to drive better business results. DevOps, ITOps, and SecOps teams use PagerDuty’s award-winning platform for real-time operations to improve operations, deliver exceptional customer experiences, and accelerate innovation. Today, over 10,500 organizations across all industries have deployed PagerDuty. Notable customers include IBM, GE, Box, and American Eagle Outfitters. To learn more and try PagerDuty for free.

We’re the world’s leading provider of enterprise open source solutions, using a community-powered approach to deliver high-performing Linux, cloud, container, and Kubernetes technologies. We help you standardize across environments, develop cloud-native applications, and integrate, automate, secure, and manage complex environments with award-winning support, training, and consulting services.


Devada is committed to empowering developers with products that sit at the convergence of two important trends: developers’ increased desire for authentic, user-generated content and developers’ growing importance to technology and tech-enabled companies. Devada is the leading resource for engaging developers around the world through its authoritative media site. Devada’s AnswerHub powers and developer communities for many tech and tech-enabled giants, including IBM, Epic Games, and Disney Pixar. For more information, please visit

LightStep provides simple observability for deep, multi-layered systems. Built on the world’s most sophisticated distributed tracing engine, LightStep’s unique architecture offers teams unparalleled end-to-end visibility, even at scale. Resolve performance mysteries, prevent outages, and deploy confidently, with observability that reaches across mobile, microservices, and monoliths.

Sonatype is laser focused on helping organizations continuously harness all of the good that open source offers, without any of the risk. To do this, we’ve invested in knowing more about the quality of open source than anyone else in the world. This investment takes the form of machine learning, AI, and human expertise, which in aggregate, produces highly curated intelligence that is infused into every Nexus product. Over 1,000 organizations and 10 million developers use Sonatype to make better decisions, innovate faster at scale, and rest comfortably knowing their applications consist of the highest quality open source components.


Cmd provides a lightweight security platform for protecting Production Linux in clouds and data centers. Built for fast-moving teams operating Linux-first environments, Cmd addresses critical gaps in audit and compliance, implements controls that keep DevOps safe, manages cloud identities and privileges, and triggers alerts on hard-to-find threats. Out-of-the-box policies developed from over 50 billion commands make setup easy – whether for a 25-person company or a large enterprise. Cmd is leading the way in native protection of critical systems running Linux.

Epsagon’s SaaS platform provides automated data correlation, payloads, and end-to-end observability within microservice environments, allowing Dev and Ops teams to troubleshoot less and fix issues faster. With a lightweight agent and full automation, Epsagon delivers full visibility for containers, VMs, serverless, and more with no training, manual coding, tagging or maintenance required.

Linode accelerates innovation by making cloud computing simple, accessible, and affordable to all. Founded in 2003, Linode helped pioneer the cloud computing industry and is today the largest independent open cloud provider in the world. Headquartered in Philadelphia’s Old City, the company empowers over 800,000 developers, startups, and businesses across its global network of 11 data centers.

Split powers your product decisions with a unified solution for feature flagging and experimentation.

Splunk Inc. (NASDAQ: SPLK) turns data into doing with the Data-to-Everything Platform. Splunk technology is designed to investigate, monitor, analyze and act on data at any scale, from any source over any time period. The Data-to-Everything platform removes the barriers between data and action, so our customers — regardless of size or business — have the freedom to deliver meaningful outcomes across their entire organization. Our unique approach to data has empowered companies to improve service levels, reduce operations costs, mitigate risk, enhance DevOps collaboration and create new product and service offerings.

Ship cloud applications faster using the Sysdig Secure DevOps Platform. With Sysdig, you can embed security, compliance, and monitoring into your DevOps workflow. Analyze granular data from any perspective based on cloud and Kubernetes metadata. The Sysdig platform is open by design, with the scale, performance and usability enterprises demand.


Interzoid provides a platform of easy-to-integrate Cloud APIs that help organizations extend their I.T. capabilities and increase the value of their data assets. These APIs include data matching, contact data validation, data enrichment, global site performance monitoring, telephone-based global demographics, live currency rates, real-time weather, and more.

Synopsys helps development teams build secure, high-quality software, minimizing risks while maximizing speed and productivity. Synopsys, a recognized leader in static analysis, software composition analysis, and application security testing, is uniquely positioned to apply best practices across proprietary code, open source, and the runtime environment. With a combination of industry-leading tools, services, and expertise, only Synopsys helps organizations maximize security and quality in DevSecOps and throughout the software development life cycle.