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Our mission is to empower every person and organization on the planet to achieve more. With Microsoft Azure’s commitment to open source, and support for all languages and frameworks, you’re empowered to build how you want, and deploy where you want. Invent with purpose.


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Cloudsmith is an all-in-one package management solution that enables software engineers to set up a private, cloud-native repository in minutes. With all the software assets they need, controlled, and distributed from one secure platform, they can easily accelerate their DevOps pipeline. For everything from build through to delivery, we believe there’s a better way to manage software assets and packages, and we’re making it happen!


IBM Cloud captures the true value of cloud and AI for your business. Rapidly secure and manage your API ecosystem across multiple clouds.


PagerDuty is a leader in digital operations management. In an always-on world, organizations of all sizes trust PagerDuty to help them deliver a perfect digital experience to their customers, every time. Teams use PagerDuty to identify issues and opportunities in real time and bring together the right people to fix problems faster and prevent them in the future. To learn more and try PagerDuty for free, visit www.pagerduty.com.


Trulioo fosters trust, privacy and safety through scalable and holistic identity verification. Trulioo provides organizations with secure access to the world’s largest marketplace of reliable and independent data sources. Trulioo provides instant identity and business verification for 5 billion people and 330 million companies in more than 100 countries. It serves a range of industries including finance, banking, eCommerce, gaming, and online marketplaces – all through a single API integration.


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Elastic builds real-time, scalable enterprise search, observability, and security solutions on a single free and open technology stack that can be deployed anywhere. Thousands of organizations worldwide use Elastic to instantly find actionable insights from any type of data and power mission-critical systems.
Learn more at elastic.co.


Micro Focus provides enterprise cybersecurity and technology leaders with trusted, intelligent solutions that give them insights, protection, compliance, and resiliency. Fortify lets you build secure software fast with an application security platform that automates testing throughout the CI/CD pipeline to enable developers to quickly resolve issues, strengthening their cyber resilience.


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Absio’s multi-language software development kits enable developers to easily add enterprise-grade data security features directly into new or existing applications with no cryptography expertise required. Absio’s application-level encryption technology functions across platforms and devices, facilitating data security and privacy by design and by default for any type of application without being locked into a specific third-party’s services or limiting data access and mobility.


Anvil is a paperwork automation platform that enables companies to upgrade from inefficient PDF-based processes to modern, online-first workflows by abstracting PDFs into modern web APIs.

Anvil’s PDF API is the easiest way to incorporate PDF creation, filling, and signing into your product so you can focus on core feature development. Companies across many industries have used our platform to programmatically create documents for HR, insurance, financial services, legal, and healthcare.


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, offering over 175 fully featured services from data centers globally. Millions of customers —including the fastest-growing startups, largest enterprises, and leading government agencies—trust AWS to power their infrastructure, become more agile, and lower costs.


Blameless is the first end-to-end Site Reliability Engineering platform, trusted by leading teams such as Home Depot, Mercari, and Citrix. By operationalizing SRE best practices through unified context, workflow automation, and emphasis on learning, Blameless helps software teams embrace a culture of resilience. With integrated service level objectives, incident resolution automation, toil-free learning, reliability insights, and more, teams are empowered to deliver amazing software experiences, and optimize innovation velocity without sacrificing reliability. Headquartered in San Mateo, Calif., Blameless is backed by Lightspeed Venture Partners and Accel.


Blue Hexagon is a deep learning innovator of Cyber AI You Can Trust™ to stop cyber adversaries and malware at sub-second speed. The company’s deep learning-based next-gen cloud detection and response solution delivers the world’s highest detection efficacy for zero-day and known threats, provides hi-fidelity visibility into cloud-scale (hybrid) infrastructure and platforms, and can be configured for fully autonomous response and remediation. Follow us @bluehexagonai and bluehexagon.ai


Bugsnag is a full-stack error monitoring and application stability management platform. It is used by engineers, product managers, release managers, and observability teams across mid-sized organizations and industry leading enterprises worldwide to monitor errors in applications at run-time. Our goal is to help you accelerate innovation, improve productivity and deliver healthy applications to users.


CircleCI is the leading continuous integration and delivery platform for teams looking to shorten the distance between idea and delivery. CircleCI offers support for Linux, macOS, Docker, and Windows, in the cloud or behind your firewall. Let CircleCI focus on CI/CD, so you can build the next big thing.


CockroachDB is a DistributedSQL database that eases scale and survives any service outages. Architected for modern cloud applications, it delivers a standard SQL interface and guarantees transactional consistency at any scale. CockroachCloud delivers a fully managed version of CockroachDB and includes infrastructure and management of the database.


CodeStream is a developer collaboration platform that integrates the essential dev tools, such as GitLab, Slack, Jira and more, into VS Code, Visual Studio, and all JetBrains IDEs. CodeStream improves developer productivity by eliminating distractions inherent to context-switching and makes it easy for development teams to discuss and review code in a more natural and contextual way.


At Datalogics, our goal is to make your document management process easier. We have the enterprise-grade tools you need to make your workflow more efficient, with a smart and dedicated team to help you with your specific document management needs. With over 50 years in the industry, our technology is used by companies of all sizes all over the world.


DataStax is the open, multi-cloud stack for modern data apps. DataStax gives enterprises the freedom of choice, simplicity, and true cloud economics to deploy massive data, delivered via APIs, powering rich interactions on multi-cloud, open source and Kubernetes.

DataStax powers modern data apps for 500 of the world’s most demanding enterprises including The Home Depot, T-Mobile, Intuit and half of the Fortune 100.


DeepFactor is the industry’s 1st Continuous Observability platform to fill the void between static code scanning and production security tools. With DeepFactor, ship secure code without sacrificing productivity by finding and triaging RUNTIME Security, Privacy, and Compliance risks within the DevOps pipeline with one command and no code changes.


Delphix is the industry leader in programmable data infrastructure and revolutionizes the availability & quality of development environments by automating the constraint of data. Delphix’s API-first data platform for digital transformation supports all data sources, from relational, NoSQL, cloud-native, to mainframe; automates complex data operations, including compliance with privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA; and integrates with modern toolchains to enable DevOps, CI/CD, SRE, and AI/ML.


Epsagon enables teams to instantly simplify, visualize, and understand what’s happening within complex microservice architectures. With our lightweight auto-instrumentation, users are able to eliminate gaps in data and manual work, providing significant reductions in issue detection and troubleshooting times. Epsagon aggregates, analyzes, and correlates data from all the third-party tools you love, delivering a single pane of glass for understanding containers, Kubernetes, serverless, and more.


Fauna is the data API for modern applications. A web-native interface with support for custom business logic and GraphQL, and integration with the serverless ecosystem enables developers to simplify code and ship faster. The underlying globally distributed storage and compute engine is fast, consistent, and reliable, with a modern security infrastructure. Itself a serverless offering, Fauna is quick to get started with and lets you experience freedom from database operations at any scale.


Finicity’s mission is to help individuals, families, and organizations make smarter financial decisions through safe and secure access to fast, high-quality data.


FireHydrant is the only comprehensive incident management platform that allows you to create consistency for the entire incident response lifecycle to focus on fighting fires faster. From alert to retrospective, tracking, communicating, and reporting on results: FireHydrant will automate the process so you can focus on resolution. Visit firehydrant.io to learn how you can manage the mayhem.


The Harness CI/CD Platform
A self-service platform solution for every team, the Harness CI/CD Platform enables software changes of all types to reach production environments in a safe, quick, and sustainable way.


Honeycomb provides full-stack observability for high cardinality data and collaborative problem solving, enabling engineers to understand and debug production software together deeply. Founded on the experience of debugging problems at the scale of millions of apps serving tens of millions of users, we empower every engineer to instrument and query their system’s behavior.


Instana’s Enterprise Observability Platform discovers and maps services, infrastructure and full-stack interdependencies automatically in realtime, delivering context and feedback needed for modern Application Performance Monitoring.


With more than eight million customer contracts, IONOS is the leading European and US provider of hosting services, cloud services and cloud infrastructure. IONOS offers customers everything they need to be successful online, from creating a digital presence with a domain and a website, to online marketing tools and container orchestration. The core customer base includes freelancers, SMEs and consumers, as well as business and corporate clients with complex IT requirements.


iText Group is a global leader in PDF technology, including iText 7 Suite and iText DITO. We develop innovative award-winning PDF software which is used by millions of users – both open source and commercial – around the world to create digital documents for a variety of purposes: invoices, credit card statements, mobile boarding passes, legal archiving and more.


Jellyfish is the pioneer Engineering Management Platform that enables engineering leaders to align engineering work with strategic business objectives. By analyzing engineering signals and contextual business data, Jellyfish provides complete visibility into engineering organizations, the work they do, and how they operate. Companies like SessionM, Medium, and Toast use Jellyfish to optimize the allocation of engineering resources to focus their teams on what matters most to the business.


Linode’s Linux virtual machines allow you to simplify your infrastructure and cut your cloud bills in half. Develop, deploy, and scale your modern applications faster and easier. Whether you’re developing a personal project or managing larger workloads, you deserve simple, affordable, and accessible cloud computing solutions. Linode has 11 data centers around the world with the same simple and consistent pricing regardless of location. Receive 24/7/365 human support, no matter your plan size.


Lucidspark is a virtual whiteboard where teams can bring their best ideas to light. Brainstorm and collaborate together in real time, whether working remotely or in-person. Lucidspark helps organize notes and scribbles and turn them into presentation-ready concepts.


MariaDB frees companies from the costs, constraints and complexity of proprietary databases. Pluggable, purpose-built storage engines support transactional, analytical or hybrid use cases. Enterprises can now depend on a single complete database for all their needs, whether on commodity hardware or their cloud of choice. Real business relies on MariaDB™.


Moogsoft is the AI-driven observability leader that provides intelligent monitoring solutions for smart DevOps. Moogsoft delivers the most advanced cloud-native, self-service platform for software engineers, developers, and operators to instantly see everything, know what’s wrong, and fix things faster. Founded in 2012, Moogsoft has more than 140 customers worldwide including American Airlines, Fannie Mae, Fiserv, HCL Technologies, SAP SuccessFactors, and Verizon Media. It has established strategic partnerships with leading managed service providers and outsourcing organizations including AWS, Cisco, HCL Technologies, TCS, and Wipro.


NeuraLegion provides a 0-false positive, AI powered DAST & Fuzzer purpose built for developers & a modern development environment. We uniquely integrate into DevOps, scan multiple protocols across Web, mobile & API and are built for developers to provide compliance on every build.


NGINX, now a part of F5, Inc., is the company behind the popular open source project, NGINX. We offer a suite of technologies for developing and delivering modern applications. Together with F5, our combined solution bridges the gap between NetOps and DevOps, with multi‑cloud application services that span from code to customer.


Okta is the leading independent provider of identity for the enterprise. The Okta Identity Cloud enables organizations to securely connect the right people to the right technologies at the right time. With over 6,500 pre-built integrations to applications and infrastructure providers, Okta customers can easily and securely use the best technologies for their business. More than 9,400 organizations trust Okta to help protect the identities of their workforces and customers.


OutSystems was founded in 2001 with the mission to give every organization the power to innovate through software. Its modern application platform helps companies build the applications that make the difference: from application modernization and workplace innovation, to business process automation and customer experience transformation. The OutSystems platform helps customers confidently build applications fast, right, and for the future.


PDFTron is a premier global provider of high-performance document processing technology serving customers across a broad spectrum of industries. Supporting all major platforms and 30+ unique file types, the market-leading SDK powers next generation software applications with dynamic document viewing, annotation, processing, and conversion capabilities, as well as document understanding, data extraction, and redaction. For more information, visit www.pdftron.com.


Qrvey is an AWS-native and 100% serverless data, analytics and automation platform built for SaaS providers. With Qrvey, you can quickly add self-service and embedded analytics to your software and allow users to build their own charts, reports, dashboards and analytics applications. Qrvey is the only platform to combine data management, visualization, automation and machine learning in a single, SaaS-friendly solution. And because we’re serverless, we cost a fraction of legacy BI vendors.


The Qt Company is the leading independent technology behind millions of devices and applications. Qt enables its customers to deliver exceptional user experiences and advance their digital transformation initiatives. Qt customers can use a single software code across all operating systems, platforms and screen types, from desktops and embedded systems to business-critical applications, in-vehicle systems, wearables and mobile devices connected to the Internet of Things. Visit http://qt.io


Rollbar is the leading continuous code improvement platform that proactively discovers, predicts, and remediates errors with real-time AI-assisted workflows. With Rollbar, developers continually improve their code and constantly innovate rather than spending time monitoring, investigating, and debugging. Learn more at Rollbar.com (http://rollbar.com/)


Sendbird is the leading interaction API platform trusted by modern digital apps like Reddit, Delivery Hero, and Hinge to easily embed real-time chat, voice, and video into their apps. Sendbird makes real-time interactions available through an easy to access API on top of a fully managed platform.


SingleStore is one platform for all data, built so you can engage with insight in every moment. Trusted by industry leaders, SingleStore enables enterprises to adapt to change as it happens, embrace diverse data with ease, and accelerate the pace of innovation.


Sonatype is focused on helping organizations continuously harness all of the good that open source offers, without any of the risk. To do this, we’ve invested in knowing more about the quality of open source than anyone else in the world. This investment takes the form of machine learning, AI, and human expertise. Over 1,000 organizations and 10 million developers use Sonatype to ensure their applications consist of the highest quality open source components.


Split is revolutionizing software delivery with Impact-Driven Development, ensuring engineering teams reduce development time, mitigate release risk, and focus on the features that solve customer and business problems. Split’s Feature Delivery Platform pairs the speed and reliability of feature flags with data to measure the impact of every feature.


Stoplight’s mission is to enable all stakeholders working with APIs to be more productive. Stoplight’s API Design Management software platform provides a suite of products that cover the entire preproduction API life cycle. Stoplight’s customers include companies in the Fortune 1000. Stoplight’s products provide a means for design-first microservice application development. Developing good design-first practices will minimize future costs, speed up your time to market and lead to more consistent, higher quality microservice and IoT applications. You can learn more about Stoplight and Stoplight Studio at stoplight.io or connect on Twitter @Stoplightio.


Stream is the best-in-class, enterprise-grade chat and activity feed provider serving more than a billion end-users.
Its feature-rich products include robust client-side SDKs for iOS, Android, React, React Native, Flutter, and support for the most commonly used server-side languages; scalable and secure APIs; and a beautiful UI kit.
Stream is the fastest, most scalable solution, enabling application product teams to increase user engagement and retention and decrease time to market.


Styra enables enterprises to define, enforce and monitor policy across their cloud-native environments. With a combination of open source (Open Policy Agent) and commercial solutions (Declarative Authorization Service), Styra provides security, operations and compliance guardrails to protect applications, as well as the infrastructure they run on. Styra policy-as-code solutions lets developers, DevOps and security teams mitigate risks, reduce human error and accelerate application development.


Synerzip, an Agile software co-development partner, accelerates technology roadmaps, addresses skill gaps, saves ~50% and leverages US-based professionals for easy collaboration. Works with clients across the entire product lifecycle: inception to the end-of-life maintenance and support stage. A dedicated team works as a logical extension of client’s in-house R&D team. Tailors Agile to each client’s environment, including technologies, tools and practices.


Synopsys helps development teams build secure, high-quality software, minimizing risks while maximizing speed and productivity. Synopsys, a recognized leader in static analysis, software composition analysis, and application security testing, is uniquely positioned to apply best practices across proprietary code, open source, and the runtime environment. With a combination of industry-leading tools, services, and expertise, only Synopsys helps organizations maximize security and quality in DevSecOps and throughout the software development life cycle.


The Sysdig Secure DevOps Platform provides security to confidently run containers, Kubernetes and cloud services. With Sysdig you can secure the build pipeline, detect and respond to runtime threats, continuously validate compliance, and monitor and troubleshoot cloud infrastructure and services. Sysdig is a SaaS platform, built on open source software. Hundreds of companies rely on Sysdig for container and Kubernetes security and visibility. Learn more at www.sysdig.com.


Tyk is a leading Open Source API Gateway and Management Platform, featuring an API gateway, analytics, developer portal and dashboard. We power millions of transactions per day, for thousands of innovative organisations including AXA, Cisco, Starbucks, and USA Today. Fast, flexible, and highly-performant, Tyk is available to install on-premises, as a cloud service, or hybrid. Learn more at tyk.io


TypingDNA is a developer’s first typing biometrics company providing a low-code authentication API suitable for securing login, enforcing reset passwords, and online biometric authentication. The Authentication API is available in our free Developer plan with unlimited authentications and unlimited end-users. 70% of millennials prefer written communication over phone calls, and TypingDNA is on the quest to better this human interaction and facilitate a seamless experience wherever people type.



Contrast Security is the leader in modernized application security, embedding code analysis and attack prevention directly into software. Contrast’s patented deep security instrumentation completely disrupts traditional application security approaches with integrated, comprehensive security observability that delivers highly accurate assessment and continuous protection of an entire application portfolio.


Datadog is a SaaS-based monitoring and security platform for cloud-scale infrastructure, applications, logs, and more. Datadog delivers complete visibility into the performance of modern applications in one place through its fully unified platform—which improves cross-team collaboration, accelerates development cycles, and reduces operational and development costs.


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