DeveloperWeek Certificates


  • The AI / ML Certificate brings your knowledge current with the latest in machine learning tools and techniques, data management, workflows, and more.


  • The API Certificate brings you up to date with the latest API design best practices, management systems, documentation processes, and more.

Cloud Management

  • The Cloud Management Certificate brings your knowledge up to date on topics including scalability, cost controls, multi-provider deployments, and more.


  • The Data Certificate provides an overview of data management strategies across the industry, including management and security best practices …

Dev Leadership

  • The Developer Leadership Certificate helps build your skills in team management, systems planning, staffing best practices and more.


  • The DevOps certificate will give you an overview of the current state of DevOps best practices and the techniques and technologies that support them.


  • The JavaScript Certificate will bring you up to speed on the latest best practices and technologies in JavaScript including current and new JS frameworks, libraries …


  • The Product Certificate path provides an up to date view on best practices regarding produce development, product design, customer success.


  • The Security Certificate will help bring your knowledge up to date and expose you to industry-leading discussions on topics including API security, authentication …