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DeveloperWeek Certificates

The DevNetwork Certificate Program is designed for you to strengthen your skills in a variety of tools & technologies and earn recognition for your professional development. Follow the below steps to view our DeveloperWeek 2025 Certificates and build your personal schedule, attend the in-person and/or virtual talks, and obtain your Certificate(s) after the conference!

The DevNetwork Certificate Program is included with your DeveloperWeek PRO Pass or PREMIUM Pass (but not OPEN Passes — contact us about upgrading: [email protected]).

Step 1: Choose from the available Certificates below and view the talks for each Certificate. (You may earn more than one Certificate at DeveloperWeek 2025.)

Step 2: Attend eight (8) or more talks under each Certificate on the schedule. (In-person attendance is tracked at the entrance to each stage through badge scans — make sure your badge is scanned! Live online attendance is tracked by simply logging in and attending the virtual talk on the virtual platform.) Talks under each Certificate may be attended either in-person (Feb 11-13) or live online (Feb 18-20), or a combination of both.

Step 3: All attendees who attend complete Certificates by attending eight (8) or more talks under each Certificate during DeveloperWeek 2025 will receive an email by March 31, 2025, with their Certificate(s).

See below for all Certificate descriptions & talks scheduled under each Certificate.

Build your DeveloperWeek Certificate schedule today!


  • The AI / ML Certificate brings your knowledge current with the latest in machine learning tools and techniques, data management, workflows, and more.


  • The API Certificate brings you up to date with the latest API design best practices, management systems, documentation processes, and more.

Cloud Management

  • The Cloud Management Certificate brings your knowledge up to date on topics including scalability, cost controls, multi-provider deployments, and more.


  • The Data Certificate provides an overview of data management strategies across the industry, including management and security best practices …

Dev Leadership

  • The Developer Leadership Certificate helps build your skills in team management, systems planning, staffing best practices and more.


  • The DevOps certificate will give you an overview of the current state of DevOps best practices and the techniques and technologies that support them.


  • The JavaScript Certificate will bring you up to speed on the latest best practices and technologies in JavaScript including current and new JS frameworks, libraries …


  • The Product Certificate path provides an up to date view on best practices regarding produce development, product design, customer success.


  • The Security Certificate will help bring your knowledge up to date and expose you to industry-leading discussions on topics including API security, authentication …