Conferences & Tracks

DeveloperWeek 2023 is the largest developer conference & event series including a series of workshops, technical talks, and keynotes.

API & Microservices Conference

Microservices are at the cutting edge of API Design and Strategy. Come learn about the techniques and technologies for advancing your API.

AI & Machine Learning

The 4th annual Artificial Intelligence Dev Conference @ DeveloperWeek will host a full day of thought leadership talks and technical workshops on the newest innovations, technologies, and best practices in artificial intelligence development.

JavaScript Conference

Javascript is taking over as both a back-end and front-end development framework for web and mobile applications. From Node, Angular, and Backbone to React and Firebase, what are the front-end and back-end framework and library choices?

Containers & Kubernetes Conference

Containers & Kubernetes have transformed the way we manage and orchestrate cloud environments. DeveloperWeek aims to spotlight the newest innovations in containers & kubernetes technologies.

DevExec World

Are you a technical executive or leader? DevExec World is an exclusive conference investing in the development of leadership roles of technical managers & directors (CTO, developer, engineer, technicians) at all experience levels.

DevLead Conference

The Developer Leadership Program features peer collaboration and expert guidance on effective project management, productive team skill development, successful career advancement, and best practices for selecting and maintaining your technical skill set.

DevOps Summit

DevOps is the convergence of technologies between application / software development and cloud / server management. This track covers the basics in performance monitoring, DevOps tools, continuous integration, orchestration, and DevOps analytics.

DeveloperWeek Enterprise Summit

The DeveloperWeek Enterprise Summit invites 2,000+ enterprise developers, engineering, IT & technology professionals to converge for a 2-day conference track, featuring technology innovations and trends that corporations need to know. Topics include: Enterprise Cloud, DevSecOps, Cybersecurity & Compliance, Enterprise Engineering Management, Hybrid Work, and Enterprise IT.


We invite 1,500+ cloud architects and managers, as well as dev professionals to come discover the newest innovations in cloud computing. Engage with talks, demos, and exhibitors covering digital transformation, containers, kubernetes, microservices, security, big data, and more.


Join 1,500 tech product manager and product developers at the world’s largest product management & development conference / tradeshow! Come hear the product success stories from tech product professionals at Silicon Valley’s top tech companies!

IoT & Hardware

How can developers build on the emerging set of IoT technologies including sensors, hardware / device platforms, wearables, and online / offline connections? IoT is not just about coding hardware or embedded systems, but about integrating hardware with the cloud.

BlockDev Conference

Blockchain development enables a great deal more than just bitcoin and virtual currency. Come get an introduction to blockchain and ethereum development, and see the innovators who are building new types of apps on the protocol.

New Developer Technologies

As tech companies and Fortune 500’s scale up their software development, they are relying more heavily on big data tools, Python tools, Hadoop technologies to NoSQL and more, this track will cover the newest innovations in Python, data tools and database languages.

Quantum Computing

Quantum computing technology holds the potential to revolutionize the computing landscape, from solving computational problems and quantum-classical machine learning, to innovations in cryptography and resource-intensive processing.

DeveloperWeek Hiring Expo

DeveloperWeek Hiring Expo

DeveloperWeek Hiring Expo is one of the largest developer hiring events with 1,000+ hirable dev candidates and 40+ hiring companies.

DeveloperWeek Hackathon

The DeveloperWeek Hackathon (Feb 1-17) invites 1000+ developers to build apps from scratch and compete for $100,00 in cash and prizes.


How do I scale up my technology? We feature dozens of OPEN Talks in server management, IT management, continuous integration, architecture decisions, performance management, and security.

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