Organizations that provide products and services for development, operations, and engineering teams have unique challenges that can lead to fantastic opportunities for those who get it right. Join fellow DevTech leaders as we share best practices, success stories, and the strategies and tactics that can help you better demonstrate your value to technical audiences and bring in new business.

DevTech Summit Topics

DevRel & Dev Experience Topics

The organization’s most successful at targeting developers as customers focus on making their experience as streamlined and efficient as possible. Good documentation, relevant sample code and models, and strong technical support are only the beginning of a successful developer relations program. Join us in this track as we hear from experts how they have successfully supported developers and grown their business and explore the best practices for creating effective developer communities and support processes to ease integrating your products and services and build a loyal following.

DevTech Strategy & Executive Topics

Technology by its very nature changes constantly. New languages, frameworks, processes, and methods of developing and deploying applications and services emerge constantly. Successful organizations targeting developers must not only articulate their value, but ensure they can be heard over the noise throughout the industry. In this track, we’ll hear from experts how they have developed winning strategies to better serve developer audiences, discuss best practices when bringing a new developer-targeted product to market, and peer into the future to prepare our teams to continue successfully serving the developer audience as they continue to evolve.

DevTech Marketing Topics

The developer audience is strikingly diverse both demographically and in terms of their skill levels and knowledge, and their needs remain far from simple. Reaching and effectively messaging to these technical audiences can be a challenge, but can result in a tremendous amount of customer loyalty when done well. In this track, we’ll hear from exports how they effectively message and reach various developer personas while uncovering the best practices and processes you can adopt to better understand their needs and how to serve them.

Dev Platform Engineering Topics

Cloud and mobile technology allow a developer’s code to run on practically any device anywhere in the world. Managing this code, their software delivery processes, and the staff structure to support it remains a challenge for many organizations. The adoption of “platform engineering” – which focuses on building reusable components that may be remixed to server a variety of customer needs – is helping many organizations digitally transform their operations more rapidly to more quickly take advantage of new opportunities as they present themselves. Join us in this track as we explore how to effectively run a platform engineering organization, including best practices in automation, separation of concerns, and efficient delivery of new applications and services.