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DeveloperWeek: In their own words

Don’t take it from us; hear why our sponsors, speakers, partners & attendees come to DeveloperWeek year after year…

“Extremely grateful to my company @trulioo and to the fantastic DevWeek organization for the phenomenal event!”

Menelaos KotsollarisTrulioo

“DevWeek was a blast! We had a great time speaking & meeting everyone! Until next time”


“We were so impressed, not only with the interest in the DocuSign APIs, but also by attendees’ passion to solve real-world problems with technology.”

Matthew RoknichDocuSign

“I had a lot of fun giving a *very* different talk than I normally give. Developer tools are consolidating at an extraordinary rate but this consolidation is leading to niche, powerful developer tools. Rocket Thanks to everyone at @DeveloperWeek!”

Kyle DaigleGithub

“People should come to DeveloperWeek because you are able to interact with the Dev Community which is something that we at PubNub love to do. We have a great Dev team that we bring with us and gives them the ability to really get into the community of actual users of our PubNub platform.”


“DeveloperWeek proved to be a very positive experience for our company. Not only were the community exchanges very rich in their discussion and very in-line with the event’s culture, but the conference’s speakers and expo sponsors also proved to be nothing but top quality.”


“DeveloperWeek has been fantastic! We have been able to meet a lot of really intelligent developers, designers, product managers, and people that can use our tools.”


“DeveloperWeek has been absolutely fantastic so far. So many experienced developers and been able to talk to so many people in all walks of life of the software lifecycle. It's been an absolute joy so far.”

Robert KingBacktrace

“It's been a really good experience over here at DeveloperWeek. We have met so many developers. We are trying to promote our platform which is native to kubernetes and have had a lot of interest.”

Tyson TiatiaCodeFresh

“Events like this really help the tech community all around!”

DavidCoding Dojo

“I love DeveloperWeek and will be back next year!”

Independence JorjiStackpath

“DeveloperWeek isn't simply for the people wanting to share a behind-the-scenes look at their code, but rather, anyone wanting to share their experience working in a world of disruptive technology.”