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Conferences | Feb 20-22
Expo | Feb 21-22

Workshops | Feb 20
Hiring Expo | Feb 20
Hackathon | Feb 23-24

Join 8,000 Developers at the
World’s Largest Developer Expo + Conference Series

Conference & Expo

Join 8,000 attendees at the largest developer technology innovation conferences & expo! Join 90+ DevTech innovation exhibitors. See the full agenda of talks. Join us for the Expo Block party.

Venue: Oakland Convention Center

DevExec World

Learning how to manage developers and development processes has always historically been a matter of trial and error or word-of-mouth advice. This track aims to investigate the role of the development manager and dev executive, how it relates to both product management as well as architecture decisions, and how the role of ‘Development Manager’ is changing.

Venue: Oakland Convention Center

DeveloperWeek Hackathon

The DeveloperWeek Hackathon (Feb 23-24) invites 800+ SF Bay Area developers to build apps from scratch and compete for $100,000 in cash and prizes. Get more info and register here.

Saturday + Sunday Venue: Galvanize

Hiring Expo

DeveloperWeek Hiring Expo is one of San Francisco’s largest developer hiring events with 800+ hirable dev candidates and 40+ hiring companies. Get more info and register here.

Venue: Oakland Convention Center

Artificial Intelligence Dev Conference

DeveloperWeek 2019 will host a 2-day industry conference on Artificial Intelligence. This conference will be split between technical talks and thought leadership talks including the following topics: Cognitive Computing, Audio / Video Recognition, Tools & Open Source Libraries, Risk & Threat Analysis, The Machine Learning / AI intersection

Venue: Oakland Convention Center

JavaScript Conference

Javascript is taking over as both a back-end and front-end development framework for web and mobile applications. From Node, Angular, and Backbone to Famo.us and Firebase, What are the front-end and back-end framework and library choices? This multi-day Javascript track includes both educational workshops and Javascript Tech lightning talks. Get more info here.

Venue: Oakland Convention Center

Scaling Up: Containers, Kubernetes, Microservices

The Microservices & Containers conference features 2 days of talks about the changing technology architecture from monolithic design to a microservice and containers design. This architecture has the potential of revolutionizing IT and DevOps in the enterprise.

Venue: Oakland Convention Center

Blockchain & Ethereum Development

Blockchain and ethereum development enable a great deal more than just bitcoin and virtual currency. The blockchain protocol and the decentralied contracts of ethereum enable entire decentralized apps and organizations that were never before possible. While this industry is new, innovation is heating up. Come get an introduction to blockchain and ethereum development, and see the innovators who are building new types of apps on the protocol.

Venue: Oakland Convention Center

Coding Reality: VR, AR, 3D Dev

Learn about developing Virtual Reality & 3D software and worlds at the 3D & VR Dev Track! What 3D engines help accelerate development? What hardware and software are the most popular for 3D dev? Where will we see the most growth in the 3D Dev sector? Learn from industry experts on everything 3D Dev.

Venue: Oakland Convention Center

Next Generation Languages

What are the newest web, mobile, and hardware programming languages in 2018 / 2019? Come get a hands-on preview of the newest languages and frameworks, learn the advantages and the use cases, and become part of the next evolution of computer programming.

Venue: Oakland Convention Center

Feb 20

PRO Dev Talks

VIP Reception

DeveloperWeek City Wide Partner Events

Feb 22

VR / AR DEV Conference

Serverless Dev Conference

DeveloperWeek Keynotes

Dev Talks

DeveloperWeek City Wide Partner Events

Feb 23

DeveloperWeek City Wide Partner Events

Feb 24

DeveloperWeek City Wide Partner Events


Chet Haase

Chet Haase

Lead, Android Toolkit


Jeetu Patel

Jeetu Patel

Chief Product Officer


Sheldon Monteiro

Sheldon Monteiro



Renaud Visage

Renaud Visage

Technical Co-Founder



Martin Fink

Martin Fink

Chief Technology Officer

Western Digital

Andy Fang

Andy Fang

Co-founder and Chief Technical Officer


Stephen Chin

Stephen Chin

Director Oracle Developer Community, Oracle Code Content Chair


Nick Caldwell

Nick Caldwell

Chief Product Officer


Caroline Wong

Caroline Wong

Chief Security Strategist


What’s All This?

Each year, 8,000+ developers, engineers, software architects, dev teams, managers and executives from 70+ countries gather in the SF Bay Area — the world’s epicenter of developer innovation — for DeveloperWeek (Feb 20-24, 2019) to discover the latest in developer technologies, languages, platforms, and tools.

DeveloperWeek 2019 is San Francisco’s largest developer conference & event series with dozens of week-long events including the DeveloperWeek 2019 Conference & Expo, 1,000+ attendee hackathon, 1000+ attendee tech hiring expo, and a series of workshops, open houses, drink-ups, and city-wide events across San Francisco!

Because DeveloperWeek covers all new technologies, our conference and workshops invite you to get intro lessons (or advanced tips and tricks) on technologies like VR Dev, Artificial Intelligence Dev, Blockchain Dev, IoT Dev, Serverless technology, Microservices technology, new JavaScript frameworks, and more.

New to DeveloperWeek is DevExec World, which is 2 days of roundtable talks, educational talks, and networking events for engineering managers, tech executives, and lead developers.

DeveloperWeek puts the spotlight on new technologies. Companies that participated in past DeveloperWeek events include Google, Facebook, Yelp, Rackspace, IBM, Cloudera, Red Hat, Optimizely, SendGrid, Blackberry, Microsoft, Neo Technology, Eventbrite, Klout, Built.io, Ripple, GNIP, Tagged, HackReactor, and 30+ more here!

How you can get involved


Attend 200+ workshops, bootcamps, panel talks, and keynotes covering all new dev technologies.


Get in front of 1,000+ hirable developers, engineers, and designers and San Francisco’s largest tech hiring expo.


Join a team or sponsor the hackathon where hundreds of developers will build web and mobile apps that solve real-world crowd-voted challenges!


Add your event to our DeveloperWeek 2019 calendar or talk to us about event marketing packages! Our 2019 partner events sold out, and we aim to include over 60 partner events in 2019! Contact us about hosting an event.


We sold out all expo tables at DeveloperWeek 2017, so contact us about our table / booth / lounge packages!


Many of sponsor packages include exhibiting, hosting an event, participating in our hackathon and our hiring expo, and posting “challenges” to our dev audience. Contact us about our packages!


“As a regular speaker at DevNetwork events, I look forward to engaging with a developer audience whose lives revolve around API’s. I think API World is indicative of the rapid growth and impact of the API ecosystem.”

John Musser
Founder of ProgrammableWeb and API Science

“DevNetwork events are quickly becoming as important to San Francisco data science, as Dreamforce is to the cloud: a vendor-agnostic showcase of technology thought leadership and advancement. The data and API technologies this conference highlights are the foundation for the social, local, mobile world we live in today.”

Andre Bourque
Editor-in-Chief of Technorati

“Being an API conference organizer myself, I’m always excited to partner with API events that are truly vendor-neutral to build a sane industry ecosystem. If you are a developer, API World is one of the top API conferences where you will be able to meet the API industry in talks, workshops or in the exhibition. I look forward to participating in their future events.”

Mehdi Medjaoui
Founder of API Days and Oauth

“DevNetwork events are one of our top tech conferences and does a great job of bringing together strategic partners and API developers! This conference has the right balance of content sessions and networking opportunities. The attendees at DataWeek + API World continually provide innovative ideas that help shape our API strategies.”

Rolando Ramirez
Senior Marketing Manager at Dun & Bradstreet